Events and You

Mifuyne a posted Oct 11, 12
Hopefully, some of you have noticed the list of events at the top, below the menu. We will periodically post events via the Events page so be sure to check back often.

Currently, only Leaders and Officers can post events. If you have an event you'd like to host, post it in the PvE forums (Tag it as [Event], with the square brackets). If you like for the event to show up on the calendar, be sure to make a request to one of the Leaders or Officers.

Whenever you see an event that you're interested in, you can view that event's details and click on "Sign up for this Event!"

Be aware if it's an event for activities like dungeons, it's first come first serve to the first five people. WvWvW has no real attendance limit.

Welcome to the new site

Posted Oct 11, 12
As you know, we're changing the way we're running the guild. As a result, we now have two officers, Dendri and Snuggle. Yay :D We're now actively r...
Yaaay! An actual guild website! Brand new and shiny!

We will be using this site to coordinate guild activities from now on. There may still be some things that are missing and if you feel I have overlooked it, let me know.

When you register to this site, you will have limited access to most of the content here. Please be patient while I assign you to a proper rank.

Enjoy the new site!
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